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管理培訓 - 工作間衝突處理

Workplace Conflict Management

Target Participants: Management and supervisory staff


Suggested Class Size: 25


Duration: 09:00 – 17:00

Objective: To enhance workplace conflict prevention and handling skills, in order to nurture a more harmonious and effective work environment

Highlights of the Program

  1. Nature, sources and consequences of workplace conflicts

  2. Conflict prevention: enhance interpersonal skills and communication skills

  3. Four major types of conflicts, and how to deal with them

  4. Deal with conflicts based upon behavior styles of counterparts

  5. Theme video sharing on Conflict Management, group discussion

  6. Role play practices in a variety of real case scenarios

  7. How to coach staff to formulate improvement plan






時間:09:00 – 17:00



  1. 工作間衝突的性質、原因、及不良後果

  2. 預防衝突:改善人際關係及溝通技巧

  3. 衝突的四大種類,以及如何採取相應方法處理衝突

  4. 因應對方的行為風格處理衝突

  5. 處理衝突錄像個案分享、小組討論活動

  6. 真實個案角色扮演練習

  7. 應用教練技巧引導員工改善


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